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Welcome to the mysterious world of the Indian education system, where dreams are nurtured, futures are built and uncertainty reigns. But peel back the layers, and you get a reality of glossy brochures and rosy promises. Join us as we journey to uncover the truth behind the surface, revealing the harsh truths hidden beneath the surface.

Indian education system: A big lie

The “Rags to Riches” Mirage

In the wider context of Indian education system, victory is usually depicted as a consistent progression from nothing to wealth. We are made to believe that through perseverance and diligence one can achieve anything in this life. Nevertheless, on the ground what we get is contrary to this. Despite the emphasis on education, poverty continues to afflict a large proportion of the population, and high unemployment is more pronounced for the more educated youth This begs the question: Is education really the greatest equality created ?

Pressure Cooker: From Childhood to Adulthood

Since boarding school, children’s stress is continually on the rise. The race to the top begins early, and parents and society attach great importance to academic excellence. But what about the impact it takes on our children’s mental and emotional well-being? Is it a relentless pursuit of excellence worth the sacrifices of childhood?

Number Games: Debunking the 99.6% Myth

Strange unemployment data

Despite the emphasis on education, unemployment among graduates remains alarmingly high. The correlation between education and employability is obvious, leaving many frustrated and discouraged. A sobering reminder that a degree is no guarantee of a job in today’s competitive landscape

The Rat Race for Higher Education

In pursuit of degrees, skills are often neglected, with concentration being solely on rote learning and memorization, leaving no space for originality or analyzing facts critically. This does nothing except for worsening the situation since the examination process lays more emphasis on recalling what was studied rather understanding things. Isn’t it surprising then the reason why our education system produces graduates who cannot manage life challenges?

Why the Indian Education System is a Master Scam

The Profitable Business of Education

The business world has become quite competitive in India considering that there exists a coaching center on almost every street. As a result of this trend, learning has turned into a place for making money through performance in exams rather than acquiring knowledge or skills. It brings good returns as an enterprise, but what about our students or the society in general?

The Caste and Class Problem

Even though the ground has been leveled numerous times, caste and class prevail in our education. The system of allocation has been abused as a few people used it as an opportunity to push their agendas at the expense of the deserving. It hampers people from climbing the ladder of success; it leads to inequality forever.

The Documentary: Why 99.6% of you will never be RICH Unveiled

The Behind the Scenes of the Documentary

While on our investigation journey, we visited the Indian education system’s nerve center where we interviewed students, teachers, and policymakers. Our discoveries were astounding and enlightening, hence they shook up the roots of our educational system.

The End: Waves of Perception

Since we made our movie, lots of people have started to become more conscious. Individuals have started asking questions about established standards and making key figures accountable. Though it may seem insignificant, it is actually a pivotal point towards transformation. Still, it will require time and effort, however as long as one is brave enough and believes in themselves they can bring change.”


The Indian education system might be a grand illusionist, but sooner or later, the truth must reveal itself. As we unpeeled the lies, we found ourselves facing a depressing and pertinent reality which calls for nothing but our immediate attention. Let’s do away with passive acceptance and ask for a structure that genuinely addresses every child’s requirements. The path won’t be smooth but we have too much at stake than ever before; hence this is the moment we must rise up and fight for an efficient education system our children deserve..

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