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Rishi Kapoor abused to a man on social media platform for criticising the Sanju Trailer

Rishi kapoor

This is what truly happened, a buff moved onto criticise the Sanju Trailer and tweeted out the subsequent — that I ma stunned at the fresh Sanju Trailer.  Sich a blatant try to wash the image of Sanjay Dutt up.  An offender is a felony lawyer.  That overly who was simply included bombings in town.  Raju Hirani is total scum.  Post his tweet, Rishi Kapoor DMed and moved to a rant — What would you really understand of theatre that you prick,” We are at the leisure business perhaps maybe not repairing anybody’s image.  As swipes like that, you never need to watch movies.

At the most recent twist of events, Rishi Kapoor has called out another fan for criticising the latest Sanju Trailer.  The trailer stars Ranbir Kapoor who appears to become the veteran performer’s young child.   He has gone on to DM the fan and abuses him.

He has called names.  His behavior has activated a reaction from comedian Aditi Mittal who is not taking his behavior lying down.  Here is what she had to say –“Rishi Kapoor retains Seeing individuals online, and every single news and leisure portal keeps masking his movies and interviews as if this sort of behavior is standard /” She further went on to ask why no one dared to enquire about his DMs.  “While boosting his 102 Not Out picture with master creeper, Amitabh Bachchan, maybe not ONE outlet had the guts to ask him about whether he is fine with embarrassing himself DM’s on Twitter.  “Coz seemingly that can be the type of behavior predicted from such heroes.  India is sick with despise & misogyny.  Why does no one at the movie community telephone out?  Because it’s Rishi Kapoor?”  She added.

Rishi Kapoor was last seen in 102 Out Not also starred Amitabh Bachchan.  The film was about a father-son romance and the way in which they treat lifetime since mature citizens.  The transfer started to positive reviews and also fared well at the box office as well.

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